Hotel Excelsior, SALA PARTENOPE, Naples, Italy
November 30th - December 2nd, 2017

November 30th 2017
c/o Royal Continental Hotel

06.00 PM Registration **

Opening Session

06.45 PM A unifying model for cancer immune responsiveness**, Francesco M. Marincola
07.15 PM "My Way" to melanoma**, Nicola Mozzillo

December 1st 2017
c/o Hotel Excelsior

09.00 AM Registration **

System biology Session in Melanoma
Chairpersons: Carlo Bifulco, Ena Wang

09.30 AM BIG News: The Obesity Paradox of Melanoma, Michael A. Davies
09.50 AM Tumor and host genomics regulating immunotherapy efficacy, Thomas F. Gajewski
10.10 AM Exosomes as messengers of radiation-induced tumor immunogenicity, Sandra Demaria
10.30 AM Rational combination immunotherapy based on gene expression profiling, Jason Luke
10.50 AM Discussion about system biology in melanoma, Carlo Bifulco, Ena Wang
11.10 AM Break **


11.25 AM Monitoring of melanoma clinical progression by circulating NK and T cells immunoprofiling: a potential role for CCR7 in metastatic spread**, Costanza Maria Cristiani
11.45 AM Outcome prediction on melanoma patients subjected to immunotherapy treatments by 1H-NMR metabolomic profiling approach**, Susan Costantini
12.05 PM MiRNA analysis as a complement to screening procedures for early diagnosis of Malignant Melanoma (MM)**, Marcella Occelli

12.25 PM Symposium: "Melanoma: the leading-edge of immunotherapies"
  • Dual checkpoint blockade: the power of immunotherapy, Michael Postow
  • Novel combinations, Paolo A. Ascierto
  • 01.25 PM Conclusions, Carlo Bifulco, Ena Wang
    01.40 PM Lunch **

    Biomarkers Session
    Chairpersons: Gennaro Ciliberto, Giuseppe Masucci, Magdalena Thurin

    02.25 PM Symposium: "Bridge from adjuvant to metastatic melanoma: treating your BRAF+ patients with target therapy"
  • COMBI-AD: How does it change patient management, Paolo A. Ascierto
  • BRAF+ Metastatic Melanoma: from low burden of disease to brain metastases: what's new, Reinhard Dummer

  • 03.25 PM IBiomarkers for checkpoint inhibition in melanoma: current knowledge and future directions, Claus Garbe
    03.45 PM Folfirinox, immune response and clinical course of the disease in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, Soldano Ferrone
    04.05 PM Towards precision immunotherapy of solid tumors, Stephen Schoenberger
    04.25 PM Valuable biomarkers to direct therapy: are we any closer?, Janice Mehnert
    04.45 PM From adjuvant to neoadjuvant approach in melanoma, John M. Kirkwood
    05.05 PM Discussion about biomarkers, Gennaro Ciliberto, Giuseppe Masucci, Magdalena Thurin
    05.25 PM Break **


    05.40 PM Predictive biomarkers of check point inhibition toxicity in metastatic melanoma**, Iman Osman
    06.00 PM Soluble CD73 in the peripheral blood: a potential biomarker in patients with advanced melanoma receiving nivolumab**, Silvana Morello
    06.20 PM Expression of CD73 on CD8+/PD-1+ cells as a new possible biomarker for advanced melanoma patients treated with nivolumab**, Federica Fratangelo

    06.40 PM Conclusions, Giuseppe Masucci, Magdalena Thurin

    December 2nd 2017
    c/o Hotel Excelsior

    Combination Strategy Session
    Chairpersons: Gerardo Botti, Giuseppe Palmieri

    09.30 AM How to establish precision medicine in metastatic melanoma, Reinhard Dummer
    09.50 AM How much better are CTLA-4 + PD-1 combinations than PD-1, Michael Postow
    10.10 AM Combining oncolytic therapy with checkpoint inhibitors, Igor Puzanov
    10.30 AM Combining electrochemotherapy and checkpoint inhibitors, Corrado Caracò
    10.50 AM Adjuvant therapy of melanoma, Sanjiv Agarwala
    11.10 AM Discussion about combination strategy, Gerardo Botti, Giuseppe Palmieri
    11.30 AM Break**


    11.45 AM Landmark Analysis of OS in Patients with PDL1 Expressing Tumors from Checkmate 067**, Paolo A. Ascierto
    12.05 PM Prognostic impact of baseline tumor immune infiltrate on disease-free survival (DFS) in patients with completely resected, BRAFV600 mutation–positive (BRAFV600+) melanoma receiving adjuvant vemurafenib**, Paolo A. Ascierto
    12.25 PM 4SC-202 plus Anti-PD1: Breaking PD1-refractoriness to increase efficacy of checkpoint inhibition in patients with advanced melanoma**, René Bartz

    12.45 PM LECTURE - Clinical value and practice with cobimetinib-vemurefenib combination in BRAF+ metastatic melanoma**, Igor Puzanov
    01.15 PM Conclusions, Gerardo Botti, Giuseppe Palmieri
    01.30 PM Lunch **

    Great Debate
    Chairpersons: Corrado Caracò, Alessandro Testori

    02.15 PM Symposium: "Advancing survival in metastatic melanoma"
    02.15 PM Welcome and introduction**, Paolo A. Ascierto
    02.20 PM Pursuing survival today in metastatic melanoma**, Mario Mandalà
    02.35 PM Research approaches to advance the field**, Paolo A. Ascierto
    02.50 PM Treatment decision making today**, Paolo A. Ascierto
    03.00 PM Question & Answer - Panel discussion**, Paolo A. Ascierto, Mario Mandalà
    03.20 PM Linfadenectomy Pros and contra, Jeffrey E. Gershenwald, Merric Ross
    03.45 PM Discussion about Linfadenectomy Pros and contra, Jeffrey E. Gershenwald, Merric Ross
    03.55 PM First line choice: immunotherapy vs target therapy, Ryan Sullivan, Omid Hamid
    04.25 PM Discussion about First line choice: immunotherapy vs target therapy, Ryan Sullivan, Omid Hamid
    04.35 PM Combination vs sequencing, Igor Puzanov, Paolo A. Ascierto
    05.05 PM Discussion about Combination vs sequencing, Igor Puzanov, Paolo A. Ascierto
    05.15 PM Break **
    05.30 PM Conclusions, Igor Puzanov, Paolo A. Ascierto
    ** Not included in the CME accredited program

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