November 29th-30th, 2017
Royal Continental Hotel, Naples, Italy

November 29
th 2017
09.00 AM Registration **

System biology session: Immunology
Chairpersons: Igor Puzanov, Ena Wang

09.20 AM Introduction and objectives, Paolo A. Ascierto
09.35 AM Development of cancer vaccine for liver cancer, Luigi Buonaguro
09.55 AM Multispectral imaging, cancer vaccines and a strategy to develop combination immunotherapy with T cell agonists, Bernard Fox
10.15 AM Novel combinatorial immunotherapies with PD-1 blockade from the bench into the clinic, Hassane Zarour
10.35 AM The search for blood-based biomarkers to predict immunotherapy outcomes, Ryan Sullivan
10.55 AM Genomics and immunotherapy in lung cancer: tumor mutation burden, mutations affecting antigen presentation, immune recognition, and genome integrity, Davide Carbone
11.15 AM Discussion about system biology in immunology- Part I, Igor Puzanov, Ena Wang
11.25 AM Break**


11.40 AM Interferon-gamma (INFG), a predictive factor of response to immune checkpoint blockade (ICB) in melanoma and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)**, Maria Gonzalez-Cao
12.00 PM Biomarkers for cancer immunotherapy: predicting the immune resistance through gene expression profile**, Maria Libera Ascierto
12.20 PM 4SC-202 induces inflamed tumor microenvironment, strongly enhances tumor infiltration with cytotoxic T cells and primes tumors for anti-PD-1/PD-L1 therapy**, Svetlana Hamm

12.40 PM LECTURE DEBATE - The role of tumor immune microenviroment, Ignacio Melero Bermejo, Paolo A. Ascierto

01.10 PM Discussion about system biology in immunology- Part II, Igor Puzanov, Ena Wang
01.20 PM Conclusions, Igor Puzanov, Ena Wang
01.40 PM Lunch**

Immunotherapy Beyond Melanoma
Chairpersons: Heinz Zwierzina, Fortunato Ciardiello

02.25 PM Symposium "Immuno-Oncology: a wide-ranging fight"
Chairperson: Paolo A. Ascierto
  • Introduction Paolo A. Ascierto
  • Immunotherapy in Head & Neck cancer, Marco Merlano
  • Immunotherapy in Bladder cancer, Giacomo Cartenì
  • Immunocorrelated adverse events, Mario Mandalà
  • 03.25 PM Immunotherapy for advanced NSCLC: state of the art, Cesare Gridelli
    03.45 PM Biomarker driven immunotherapy for H&N cancer, Robert Ferris
    04.05 PM Contrasts between immunotherapy for renal carcinoma and melanoma, Paul Nathan
    04.25 PM Which role for immunotherapy in the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma?, Bruno Daniele
    04.45 PM Discussion about immunotherapy beyond melanoma, Heinz Zwierzina, Fortunato Ciardiello
    04.55 PM Break**


    05.10 PM A new Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) murine model for in vivo preclinical immunotherapies**, Massimo Zollo
    05.30 PM Characterization of melanoma patients with brain metastases diagnosed between 2014-2016, in one center**, Teresa Amaral
    05.50 PM A novel translational research tool for the development of predictive signatures of immunotherapy response**, Alessandra Cesano

    06.10 PM Conclusions, Heinz Zwierzina, Fortunato Ciardiello

    November 30th 2017

    SITC Session - Evolving Topics in Cancer Immunotherapy
    Chairperson: Lisa H. Butterfield

    09.30 AM DC Vaccine Combinations for Melanoma, Lisa H. Butterfield
    09.50 AM New Developments in Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy, Howard Kaufman
    10.10 AM Engineering durability and sustainability into adoptively transferred T cells, Christoper A. Klebanoff
    10.30 AM Generate long-lived memory T cells for effective cancer immunotherapy, Chrystal M. Paulos
    10.50 AM Discussion about evolving topics in cancer immunotherapy, Lisa H. Butterfield
    11.00 AM Break**


    11.15 AM Mechanisms of Primary Resistance to Cancer Immunotherapies**, Michelle Krogsgaard
    11.35 AM Role of TGFbeta superfamily members in hindering the pro-immunogenic effects of radiotherapy**, Claire Vanpouille-Box
    11.55 AM The Renin Angiotensin System (RAS) mediates bifunctional growth regulation in melanoma and is a target for therapeutic manipulation**, Cristiana Lo Nigro
    12.15 PM Functional genomics to identify germline markers of melanoma immunotherapy efficacy and toxicity**, Tomas Kirchhoff

    12.35 PM Conclusions, Lisa H. Butterfield
    12.55 PM Lunch**

    Immunotherapy in Oncology: Data from clinical trials
    hairpersons: Sandro Pignata, Alfredo Budillon

    01.50 PM Tumor microenvironment: lessons from an inflamed tumor type, James Brugarolas
    02.10 PM Chimeric-antigen receptor T cells for hematological malignancies: building upon CART19, Marco Ruella
    02.30 PM Consequences of rapid evolution of adjuvant therapy landscape in melanoma, Alexander Eggermont
    02.50 PM Immunotherapy for Breast Cancer: Rationale and Recent Clinical Trial Results, Rita Nanda
    03.10 PM System immunology to decipher the tumor microenvironment, Jerome Galon
    03.30 PM Discussion about Immunotherapy in Oncology, Sandro Pignata, Alfredo Budillon
    03.40 PM Break**

    Focus on health cost assessments and pharmacovigilance in immunotherapy**
    Chairman: Paolo A. Ascierto


    03.55 PM Comparison between new therapies of metastatic and/or unresecable melanoma with B-RAF V600E/K mutations: cost-benefit assessment**, Antonio D'Avino
    04.15 PM The drug day an effective strategy for the containment of immunotherapy costs**, Teresa Tramontano
    04.35 PM Adverse effects related to PD-1 inhibitor immunotherapy: an overview**, Mariarosanna De Fina
    04.55 PM Conclusions, Paolo A. Ascierto, Igor Puzanov, Ena Wang

    ** Not included in the CME accredited program

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