Royal Continental Hotel, Naples, Italy
November 29th - December 1st, 2018

November 29th 2018

05.00 PM Registration **

Opening Session

06.00 PM Opening Session Lecture: Melanoma - the testing ground for immunotherapy**, Igor Puzanov

November 30th 2018

09.00 AM Registration **

Session - Melanoma as a model system
Chairpersons: Giuseppe Masucci, Olivier Michielin

09.30 AM Neoadjuvant and adjuvant, Sanjiv Agarwala
09.50 AM Biomarkers in immunotherapy of melanoma: an update, Claus Garbe
10.10 AM Combining MAPK and PD-1/L1 inhibitors- lessons from patients and mice, Roger Lo
10.30 AM Clinical evidence emerging from radiation and Immunotherapy, Silvia Formenti
10.50 AM Discussion on melanoma as a model system, Giuseppe Masucci, Olivier Michielin
11.10 AM Break **


11.25 AM Treatment patterns and overall survival outcomes among BRAF wild-type metastatic melanoma patients receiving first-line anti-programmed cell death protein-1 therapy in routine clinical practice in the United States**, Natalia Sadetsky
11.40 AM Major pathologic response on biopsy (MPRbx) in patients with melanoma treated with anti-PD-1: evidence for an early, on-therapy biomarker of response**, Julie E. Stein
11.55 AM Immune monitoring after NKTR-214 plus nivolumab (PIVOT-02) in previously untreated patients with metastatic Stage IV melanoma**, Adi Diab

12.10 PM Symposium - Melanoma treatment practice changing. From metastatic disease to adjuvant: a new challenge**
Chairperson: Paolo A. Ascierto
12.10 PM Adjuvant therapy: new opportunities**, Mario Mandalà
12.30 PM Adjuvant therapy: emerging landscape in metatastatic disease**, Paolo A. Ascierto
12.50 PM Discussion about Melanoma treatment practice changing**, Paolo A. Ascierto, Mario Mandalà

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01.10 PM Lunch **

Session - Mechanisms of resistance and drivers of response
Chairpersons: Gerardo Botti, Giuseppe Palmieri

01.55 PM Lecture - Target therapy and Immunotherapy: rational for combination and future perspectives, Paolo A. Ascierto

02.25 PM Exosomes in melanoma, Soldano Ferrone
02.45 PM Intestinal ecosystem and immunity against melanoma, Laurence Zitvogel
03.05 PM Tumor and host factors regulating immunotherapy efficacy, Thomas Gajewski
03.25 PM Intratumoral immunotherapy a weapon beyond a "mass" destruction, Abi Diab
03.45 PM Discussion on Mechanisms of resistance and drivers of response, Gerardo Botti, Giuseppe Palmieri
04.05 PM Break **


04.20 PM Anti-PD-1 Immunotherapy Modulates PD-L1 Expression on Neutrophil Subsets and Monocytes from Advanced Melanoma Patients**, Maria Rosaria Galdiero
04.35 PM Mechanisms of primary resistance to immune checkpoint inhibitors in Melanoma**, Michelle Krogsgaard
04.50 PM Intratumoral tavokinogene telseplasmid induces abscopal clinical responses in metastatic melanoma patients**, Alain P. Algazi
05.05 PM A KDR germline variant is associated with increased risk of melanoma, a pro-angiogenic phenotype and resistance to immunotherapy**, Iman Osman
05.20 PM Efficacy of novel melanoma treatments in metastatic melanoma patients with germline CDKN2A mutations**, Hildur Helgadottir

05.35 PM Conclusions, Gerardo Botti, Giuseppe Palmieri

December 1st 2018

Session - Emerging strategies
Chairpersons: Alfredo Budillon, Corrado Caracò

09.30 AM Translational research in the therapeutic landscape for metastatic melanoma, Reinhard Dummer
09.50 AM Role of adrenergic stress reversal in melanoma therapy, Marc Ernstoff
10.10 AM Advancing the understanding and treatment of melanoma CNS metastases, Michael Davies
10.30 AM Emerging strategies for combination immunotherapy in melanoma, Jason Luke
10.50 AM Discussion about emerging strategies in melanoma therapy, Alfredo Budillon, Corrado Caracò
11.10 AM Break**


11.25 AM Treatment sequencing and survival outcomes in BRAF mutation-positive metastatic melanoma patients treated with immunotherapy in routine clinical practice in the United States**, Natalia Sadetsky
11.40 AM KEYNOTE-022 part 3: Phase 2 randomized study of 1L dabrafenib and trametinib plus pembrolizumab or placebo for BRAF-mutant advanced melanoma**, Pier Francesco Ferrucci
11.55 AM Overall survival at 5 years of follow-up from a phase 3 trial comparing ipilimumab 10 mg/kg with 3 mg/kg in patients with advanced melanoma**, Paolo A. Ascierto
12.10 PM Phase Ib cohort 1 data of class I HDAC inhibitor 4SC-202 in combination with pembrolizumab in advanced cutaneous melanoma patients refractory or non-responding to prior anti-PD1 therapy**, Renè Bartz

12.25 PM Symposium - IO adjuvant therapy and novel combination
Chaiperson: Paolo A. Ascierto
12.25 PM A new paradigm: IO as adjuvant, Omid Hamid
12.45 PM Novel combination strategies, Paolo A. Ascierto
01.05 PM Discussion on IO adjuvant therapy and novel combination, Paolo A. Ascierto, Omid Hamid
01.25 PM Lunch **
02.10 PM Symposium - Target therapy
Chaiperson: Paolo A. Ascierto
02.10 PM Target therapy, the bridge from metastatic to adjuvant setting, Claus Garbe
02.30 PM Target therapy: next generation, Paolo A. Ascierto
02.50 PM Discussion on target therapy, Paolo A. Ascierto, Claus Garbe

Session - Great Debate
Chairpersons: Franco Perrone, Alessandro Testori

03.10 PM Is OS still the main endpoint? Yes or no, Alexander Eggermont, Paolo Bruzzi
03.40 PM Discussion on Is OS still the main endpoint?, Paolo Bruzzi, Alexander Eggermont, Franco Perrone, Alessandro Testori
03.50 PM Is anti CTLA-4 still the good drug to combine with anti PD-L1? Yes or no, Paolo A. Ascierto, Omid Hamid
04.20 PM Discussion on Is anti CTLA-4 still the good drug to combine with anti PD-L1?, Paolo A. Ascierto, Omid Hamid, Franco Perrone, Alessandro Testori
04.30 PM Adjuvant vs neoadjuvant, Alexander van Akkooi, Hussein A. Tawbi
05.00 PM Discussion on Adjuvant vs neoadjuvant, Hussein A. Tawbi, Alexander van Akkooi, Franco Perrone, Alessandro Testori
05.10 PM Conclusions, Paolo A. Ascierto, Corrado Caracò, Igor Puzanov

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