November 28th-29th, 2018
Royal Continental Hotel, Naples, Italy

November 28
th 2018
08.30 AM Registration **
09.00 AM Introduction and objectives, Paolo A. Ascierto

SITC Session - Evolving topics in cancer immunotherapy: tumor microenvironment
Chairperson: Lisa H. Butterfield

09.15 AM Reprogramming the tumor microenvironment and T cells for immunotherapy of ovarian cancer, Adekunle Odunsi
09.35 AM The contribution of tumor-residing dendritic cells to an anti-tumor immune response, Stefani Spranger
09.55 AM Understanding the immune composition and therapeutic implications of human lung Cancer, Kurt A. Schalper
10.15 AM Fine-tuning T cell signal strength for optimal cancer immunotherapy, Chrystal M. Paulos
10.35 AM Overcoming metabolic barriers to effective antitumor immunity, Greg Delgoffe
10.55 AM Discussion about evolving topics in cancer immunotherapy: tumor microenvironment, Lisa H. Butterfield
11.05 AM Break**


11.20 AM Cancer immunosuppression induced by albumin derived neo-structures**, Leif Hakansson
11.35 AM Targeted next generation sequencing for the evaluation of tumor mutation burden**, Francesca Fenizia
11.50 AM Activation of immune response in refractory patients to standard treatment**, Marcella Occelli
12.05 PM Dysregulation of immune modulating molecules and signaling pathways in dendritic cells/DC-based vaccines generated from advanced-stage melanoma patients**, Deena Maurer
12.20 PM Class I HDAC inhibitor domatinostat beneficially affects phenotype and functionality of T cells in the tumor microenvironment, and synergizes with PD-1/LAG3 checkpoint blockade**, Svetlana Hamm

12.35 PM Lecture - New landscapes in urothelial carcinoma**, Fabio Calabrò
Discussion about new landscapes in urothelial carcinoma**, Giacomo Cartenì, Sandro Pignata

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01.05 PM Lunch**

Session - Trends in immunotherapy
Chairpersons: Igor Puzanov, Heinz Zwierzina

01.50 PM Symposium - News in Immunotherapy GU and Neck
Chairperson: Paolo A. Ascierto
01.50 PM Introduction, Paolo A. Ascierto
02.00 PM Immunotherapy in the neck: what's new, Marco Merlano
02.20 PM Immunotherapy in GU: what's new, Paul Nathan
02.40 PM Discussion on News in Immunotherapy GU and Neck, Paolo A. Ascierto, Paul Nathan, Marco Merlano
02.50 PM Immunotherapy for ovarian cancer. How to move forward, Sandro Pignata
03.10 PM Immunotherapy: turning up the heat on breast cancer, Leisha Emens
03.30 PM Immunotherapy in pancreatic cancer: lights and shadows, Giampaolo Tortora
03.50 PM Immunotherapy for Brain Cancer, Hideho Okada
04.10 PM Discussion on trends in immunotherapy, Igor Puzanov, Heinz Zwierzina
04.20 PM Lecture - Immunotherapy evolution for lung carcinoma, Cesare Gridelli
04.50 PM Break**
05.05 PM Lecture - Immunotherapy for merkel cell carcinoma: present and future, Paolo A. Ascierto


05.35 PM Synergistic potentiation of the anti-metastatic effect of anti EGFR mAb by its combination with immunotherapies targeting the ganglioside NGcGM3**, Adriana Carr
05.50 PM Emotional disturbances, social outcome and neurocognitive function in advanced melanoma survivors treated with pembrolizumab**, Anne Rogiers
06.05 PM Beyond corticotherapy: How to manage severe immune adverse events that do not respond to corticotherapy?**, Teresa Amaral
06.20 PM Evaluation of efficacy and safety of retreatment or concurrent immunoradiotherapy after progression in metastatic melanoma patients previously treated with nivolumab**, Yumi Nonomura Yumi Nonomura
06.35 PM Nivolumab flat dose changes clinical practice and therapy costs**, Teresa Tramontano

06.50 PM Conclusions, Igor Puzanov, Heinz Zwierzina

November 29th 2018

Session - Drivers of immune responses
Chairpersons: Carlo Bifulco, Luigi Buonaguro

09.00 AM Metabolic properties of immune cells in renal cell carcinoma: opportunities for therapeutic Optimization, Wendy Kimryn Rathmel
09.20 AM Cancer vaccines and strategy to develop combination immunotherapy with T cell agonist, Bernard A. Fox
09.40 AM Next target for immune checkpoint blockade in melanoma, Hassane Zarour
10.00 AM Integration of immunotherapy into standard head and neck cancer management, Robert Ferris
10.20 AM System immunology and tumor microenvironment, Jerome Galon
10.40 AM Discussion on drivers of immune responses, Carlo Bifulco, Luigi Buonaguro
10.50 AM Break**

11.05 AM Symposium - Immunotherapy in non-melanoma skin cancer: updates and new perspective
Chairperson: Paolo A. Ascierto
11.05 AM Overview on non-melanoma skin cancer, Paolo A. Ascierto
11.25 AM CSCC updates and new perspective on treatment, Dirk Schadendorf
11.45 AM Discussion on Immunotherapy in non-melanoma skin cancer: updates and new Perspective, Paolo A. Ascierto, Dirk Schadendorf

12.05 PM Prognostic differences between male and female patients in virus-negative Merkel cell carcinoma**, Lisa Villabona
12.20 PM Impact of BMI on clinical outcome in advanced cancer patients treated with anti-PD-1 Immune checkpoint inhibitors: a preliminary analysis**, Alessio Cortellini

12.35 PM Lunch**

Great debate
Chairperson: Paolo A. Ascierto

01.20 PM Adaptive vs innate - Gordon Freeman, Alberto Mantovani
01.50 PM Discussion on Adaptive vs innate, Paolo A. Ascierto, Gordon Freeman, Alberto Mantovani
02.00 PM Combination vs sequencing - Paul Nathan, Robert Ferris
02.30 PM Discussion on Combination vs sequencing, Paolo A. Ascierto, Paul Nathan, Robert Ferris
02.40 PM Preclinical models: mouse vs human - Roger Lo, Omid Hamid
03.10 PM Discussion on preclinical models: mouse vs human, Paolo A. Ascierto, Roger Lo, Omid Hamid
03.20 PM Is resistance different in different cancers? Yes or no, Sandra Demaria, Katerina Politi
03.50 PM Discussion on Is resistance different in different cancers?, Paolo A. Ascierto, Sandra Demaria, Katerina Politi
04.00 PM Conclusions, Paolo A. Ascierto, Lisa H. Butterfield, Igor Puzanov
04.10 PM Immune responsiveness task force**, Paolo A. Ascierto, Franco Marincola, Stefani Spranger, Alessandra Cesano

** Not included in the CME accredited program

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