December 4th-5th, 2019
Royal Continental Hotel, Naples, Italy

December 4
th 2019
08.30 AM Registration **
09.30 AM Introduction and objectives, Paolo A. Ascierto

SITC Session - Mechanisms of Success and Failure in Immunotherapy
Chairperson: Lisa H. Butterfield, Samir N. Khleif

09.45 AM MUSC: Successes and Failures in Cell Therapies for Solid Tumors, Chrystal M. Paulos
10.05 AM Leveraging Multi-Omic Data to Accelerate Translational Impact at the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, Katie Campbell
10.25 AM Successes and Failures in Checkpoint Blockade and Costimulation, Yana Najjar
10.45 AM Successes and Failures in Cancer Vaccination, Lisa H. Butterfield
11.05 AM Discussion about mechanisms of success and failure in immunotherapy, Lisa H. Butterfield, Samir N. Kheif
11.20 AM Break**
11.35 AM Oral Communications
12.20 PM Lecture: "Immunotherapy in urothelial cancer", Akash Patnaik
12.50 PM Discussion about immunotherapy in urothelial cancer, Paolo A. Ascierto, Lisa Butterfield, Igor Puzanov
01.05 PM Lunch**

Session - Trends in immunotherapy
Chairpersons: Sandro Pignata, John Haanen

02.00 PM Symposium - Immunotherapy GI and Neck
02.00 PM Immunotherapy in the neck: what's new, Giuseppe Procopio
02.20 PM Immunotherapy in GI: what's new, Bruno Daniele
02.40 PM Discussion on Immunotherapy GI and Neck , Giuseppe Procopio, Bruno Daniele
03.00 PM Immunotherapy in Lung Cancer, Alessandro Morabito
03.20 PM Using neoadjuvant trials to drive progress in H&N cancer immunotherapy, Heat Skinner
03.40 PM Where are we going with Immunotherapy for ovarian cancer?, Adekunle Odunsi
04.00 PM Breast Cancer Immunotherapy: the time has come, Leisha Emens
04.20 PM Break**
04.35 PM Implications of immunotherapy treatment in the adjuvant setting, Paul Nathan
04.55 PM Radiation and immunotherapy in breast cancer, Silvia Formenti
05.15 PM Primary and secondary mechanisms of immunotherapy resistance, Jerome Galon
05.35 PM Lecture: "The role of I-O in Merkel Cell Carcinoma", Paolo A. Ascierto
06.05 PM Oral Communications
06.50 PM Discussion about Trends in Immunotherapy and Conclusions Sandro Pignata, John Haanen

December 5th 2019

Session - Drivers of immune responses
Chairpersons: Volkmar Nuessler, Alfredo Budillon

09.00 AM Therapeutic strategies to enhance immune-responsiveness in prostate cancer, Akash Patnaik
09.20 AM Checkpoint Blockade and Immune Homeostasis in the Gastrointestinal Tract, Michael Dougan
09.40 AM Any role for immunotherapy in the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma?, Bruno Daniele
10.00 AM Driving up immunotherapy response rates in lymphomas, John Timmerman
10.20 AM Break**
10.35 AM The host genetic factors as modulators of melanoma immunotherapy outcomes, Tomas Kirchhoff
10.55 AM Targeting cancer through stimulation of innate immunity with intratumoral therapies, Filip Janku
11.15 AM The role of metabolic changes in the RCC carcinogenesis and therapy, Bradley I. Reinfeld
11.35 AM Overcoming Anti-PD1 Resistance: a Mechanism and a Solution, Samir N. Khleif
11.55 AM Oral Communications
12.25 PM Discussion about drivers of immune responses, Volkmar Nuessler, Alfredo Budillon

12.35 PM Symposium - Updates and new perspective in non-melanoma skin cancer
12.35 PM Overview on non-melanoma skin cancer, Paolo A. Ascierto
12.55 AM CSCC updates and new perspective on treatment, Claus Garbe
01.15 PM Discussion on Immunotherapy in non-melanoma skin cancer: updates and new, Paolo A. Ascierto, Claus Garbe
01.35 PM Lunch**

Great debate
Chairperson: Paolo A. Ascierto, Igor Puzanov

02.15 PM Immunoscore in clinical practice: Yes or Not?, Jerome Galon, Carlo Bifulco
02.45 PM Discussion on immunoscore in clinical practice?, Jerome Galon, Carlo Bifulco, Paolo A. Ascierto, Igor Puzanov
02.55 PM Use of CAR-T in solid tumors: Yes or Not?, Adekunle Odunsi, Paolo A. Ascierto
03.25 PM Discussion on use of CAR-T in solid tumors?, Adekunle Odunsi, Paolo A. Ascierto, Igor Puzanov
03.35 PM Is ADCC important for anti-CTLA-4 MoA: Yes or Not?, Sergio Quezada, John Timmerman
04.05 PM Discussion on is ADCC important for anti-CTLA-4 MoA?, Sergio Quezada, John Timmerman, Paolo A. Ascierto, Igor Puzanov
04.15 PM Break**
04.25 PM The brain is just another organ: Yes or Not?, Hussein Tawbi, Hideho Okada
04.55 PM Discussion on the brain is just another organ?, Hussein Tawbi, Hideho Okada, Paolo A. Ascierto, Igor Puzanov
05.05 PM Microbiota or Nutrition?, Giorgio Trinchieri, Jennifer Mcquade
05.35 PM Discussion on Microbiota or Nutrition?, Giorgio Trinchieri, Jennifer Mcquade, Paolo A. Ascierto, Igor Puzanov
05.45 PM Is chemotherapy immunostimolatory or immunosuppressive?, Claus Garbe, Samir N. Khleif
06.15 PM Discussion on is chemotherapy immunostimolatory or immunosuppressive?, Claus Garbe, Samir N. Khleif, Paolo A. Ascierto, Igor Puzanov
06.25 PM Conclusions, Paolo A. Ascierto, Lisa H. Butterfield, Igor Puzanov

*To be confirmed ** Not included in the CME accredited program

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