francesco m. marincola

Paolo A. Ascierto

After directing the Infectious Disease and Immunogenetics Section in the Department of Transfusion Medicine at the Clinical Center of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, from 2007 and 2012, Dr. Marincola is now Chief Research Officer at Sidra Medical and Research Centre in Doha, Qatar. He received his M.D., cum laude from the University of Milan, and his surgery training at Stanford University where he also completed a postdoctoral fellowship in surgical research. He joined the Surgical Oncology Branch of the National Cancer Institute, NIH, in 1990.

Dr. Marincola is a NIH tenured senior investigator, Adjunct Professor, Peking Union Medical College, Beijing, China, Adjunct Professor, First Military Medical University, Tonghe, Guangzhou China, and a Member of the Board of Directors, International Society for Biological Therapy of Cancer. He serves at the Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Translational Medicine and ASHI Quarterly; US Senior Editor of Immunotherapy, Associate Editor for The Journal of Immunotherapy, The Journal of Immunology, Tumori, and Clinical Cancer Research; Section Editor for Expert Opinion in Biological Therapy; Editorial Board, Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy, The Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research and Annals of Surgical Oncology.

He is an author of over 350 peer reviewed research articles and over 100 abstracts and is the second most cited scientist in melanoma during the last ten years, with 55 papers cited 3,704 times to date.


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