ignacio melero

Paolo A. Ascierto

Dr. Melero Attended Medical School at Navarra University (Pamplona, Spain). He moved in 1989 to the Hospital Universitario de la Princesa (Madrid) where he completed his residency and earned a PhD in immunology working on Natural Killer cell receptors with Miguel López-Botet.
His work contributed to the functional identification of the KIRs, surface receptors that are key for the function of Natural Killer cells and subsets of T cells.
Postdoctoral experience in the USA was focused in experimental tumor immunology. His work during this period was involved in understanding costimulation adn coinhibition in the cellular immune response against cancer. His work contributed to define immunological ignorance of tumor antigens and, more importantly, contributed decisively on T-cell costimulation via CD137 under the supervision of Lieping Chen and Karl E. Hellström.

These studies served to discover a potent therapeutic approach using immunostimulatory monoclonal antibodies in rodent models of cancer. In 1999 he was recruited by the University of Navarra (CIMA and Clínica Universitaria) where he serves as a full professor of immunology and leads a group working in translational tumor immunotherapy with emphasis in cell therapy, cytokine gene therapy and immunostimulatory mAbs.

The main focuses of his activity are immunotherapy clinical trials involving cell therapy and immunostimulatory monoclonal antibodies. Dr. Melero has been awarded the BIAL Prize of Medicine (Portugal, 2005) and other honors.



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