magdalena thurin

Dr. Thurin is a Program Director at Cancer Diagnosis Program, NCI, where her major focus has been on development of projects in the area of biomarkers for clinical application in cancer. Her specific interest is on research programs in the cutting-edge areas of molecular markers in melanoma and the immune response for prognosis and prediction of response to treatment of cancer. Prior to joining NCI Dr.

Thurin conducted research at The Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology in Philadelphia focusing on characterization of carbohydrate antigens, their function in cancer progression and cancer vaccines.

Thurin research experience includes structural and immunochemical approaches to study expression of carbohydrate structures including blood group type antigens that correlate with tumor progression. This research led to a paradigm shift demonstrating the carbohydrate nature of tumor-associated antigen.

These studies provided leads for diagnostics and potential therapeutics in cancer including structural characterization of the first tumor carbohydrate antigen which ultimately became a diagnostic for pancreatic and colon cancer (CA19-9). After completing her Ph.D. and M.S. degree in Biochemistry at the University of Warsaw, Poland, Dr. Thurin received post-doctoral training at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia and subsequently began an academic career at the same institution. She has published over 70 papers in peer-reviewed journals,  is an active member of many different national and international societies devoted to cancer biomarkers and is an editor for several journals.

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